Tune inwards, define your ‘why’

This Week: Higher purpose and transformative leadership, Chinese brands’ global strategy, Amazon’s Whole Foods deal and creating a fair workplace

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“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

Why is it that transformative leaders are able to devote huge amounts of energy, focus and even their lives to a mission? And so many others—young high achievers who have seen success by the standards society chooses to measure—want to drop out of the ‘rat race’ to do something more ‘meaningful’?

What do these two broad sets of people pursue? Glory? Wealth? Self-perfection? Or is it a goal beyond their individual selves?  And how do they know if they’ve achieved it?

In a thoughtful essay, Arun Maira introspects on these questions.

“There is too much focus on achievement of ends (wealth, size, fame) that society measures and applauds. And too little attention to the means. Companies burn up the environment to create more profits and shareholder value. And people burn out, to stay ahead of others in the rat race,” he writes.

It’s a must-read and a timely comment given that the past few weeks have been dominated by controversies around executive compensation at Infosys and the aggressive culture at Uber

Also, don’t miss the interview with Doreen Wang, global head of BrandZ Millward Brown, on how ‘made in China’ does not always spell ‘cheap’, the lessons in marketing and strategy from Chinese brands that have gone global, and what they can in turn learn from India.

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India Inc needs to do more to make the workplace fair, equitable and safe for women, says Indrajit Gupta.

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Bring in the right mix of competencies, facilitate constant involvement, encourage critique and your board can be a source of competitive advantage, says Harsh Mariwala.

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