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Vijay Bhat
Vijay Bhat


Cancer Awakens

Vijay has been a cancer thriver since facing colon cancer in 2001. After successful surgery, he decided against chemotherapy and turned to a Holistic and Integrated approach. Nineteen years later, he is still cancer-free, and a better person than before. “Cancer healed me,” he says.

Vijay pioneered cancer coaching in India with the vision “Many millions must survive; one million must thrive”. He provides a structured Thriver coaching programme to people facing cancer. He also trains and certifies cancer coaches (Sherpas) to deliver this programme.

He and his wife Nilima co-authored the book My Cancer Is Me: The Journey from Illness to Wholeness, published by Hay House in 2013; a Spanish edition was released in 2016.

Vijay has recently launched a unique Stress-to-Swaasthya and Resilience programme for corporate audiences, to address the burning issues of workplace stress and burnout.

Vijay’s story and work have been widely covered by leading media. He is a sought-after keynote and motivational speaker on the topics of cancer, stress-wellbeing, and leadership.

In his first career of 25 years, Vijay worked in various leadership positions for Ogilvy & Mather, a global advertising agency. His second career of 13 years was in leadership coaching and consulting, for blue-chip companies across many industry sectors. “Reducing the suffering caused by cancer” is how he describes his swan song.

Vijay has a BA in Economics and Political Science, followed by post-graduate qualifications in Advertising and in Marketing Management from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

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