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Rohit Luthra
Rohit Luthra

Managing Partner

PVC Partners

Rohit Luthra has worked across technology, investments and consumer products domains for about 25 years. He has co-founded organizations in Technology & Cloud Computing space (Progression Infonet) and early stage & impact investments (PVC Partners). Passionate about turning entrepreneurs into winners, Rohit believes that the environment and market in India is just right for this to happen. He feels that India's economic growth story is still being addressed incompletely, and that creating entrepreneurial opportunities is the quickest, most productive and self-sustaining way of harnessing this potentially explosive energy.

Rohit's strengths are in identifying new areas of business and technologies early, and designing flexible and robust business models. During his career as a senior manager and entrepreneur, he has been deeply involved in developing international partnerships & joint-ventures, and strategy for new business initiatives.

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